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The Law Offices Of Dominic Saraceno fights to provide the very best criminal defense available to its Buffalo, NY clients. Mr. Saraceno has a proven track record in the Erie County, Niagara County, Genesee, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Monroe County courts.

If you are a person of interest, under investigation, or are being prosecuted for a felony or misdemeanor need a criminal defense prepared by an criminal defense attorney. Mr. Saraceno will work to get a dismissal, reduction in charges, or having the criminal charges dropped altogether.

You Need To Speak To An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney First!

The evidence gathered against you will play a huge part in how your criminal case goes. Mr. Saraceno knows how to get evidence gathered improperly thrown out. It is important that you call Mr. Saraceno today as the prosecution will be already working on using everything you have done against you. Free Criminal Defense Consultation

Ready to discuss your case with Mr. Saraceno and have an experienced criminal attorney on your side? Unlike many other Buffalo, NY law firms your case will not be handed off to someone just out of law school. Mr. Saraceno wants to personally handle your criminal defense. Call Dominic Saraceno today at (716) 626-7007 to schedule a free criminal defense consultation.

  • Drugs- Whether you have been charged with criminal possession or for distributing drugs you need a criminal attorney familiar with New York State and federal drug laws. Mr. Saraceno is familiar with drug charges brought in both state and federal courts.
  • Weapons Charges-Weapons charges in conjunction with even other minor charges can bring a very long sentence if convicted. Dominic Saraceno will fight each charge brought against you aggressively.
  • DWI Defense-While many lawyers handle DWI defense charges you want an experienced criminal trial attorney at your side should your case go to trial.
  • Federal Charges- Federal charges are in general more serious than charges brought by state governments and Federal sentencing also tends to bring longer jail time. Let a criminal defense attorney experienced in federal courts represent you at this important time.
  • Homicide- Dominic Saraceno is a known criminal lawyer in the Buffalo area for defending the rights of those accused of murder. It goes without saying you want someone that has successfully defended homicide cases in the Buffalo area working for you.
  • Immigration- When an immigrant in the United States is charged with a crime it is important to select the right criminal defense attorney who can fight the criminal charges. A criminal conviction, in many cases, can lead to a change in immigration status or even deportation. Call Dominic Saraceno today if you are an immigrant charged with a crime.
  • Student Offenses- As a high school or college student charged with a crime your whole future often can change based on a criminal conviction. Don’t call just any lawyer. Get the Law Office Of Dominic Saraceno working on your behalf to fight for you today.
  • White Collar Crime- White Collar criminal defense cases often involve different types of evidence than those in other criminal cases. Dominic Saraceno has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Finance. He has a special insight into the handling of white collar criminal cases and has successfully defended these cases in both state and federal courts.
  • Larceny- Larceny is generally divided into types. Petit Larceny is theft of services or property worth less than a $1000 and is a Class A misdemeanor. Theft of property or services more than $1,000 is Grand Larceny which is in turn classified into varying degrees depending on the total theft. Grand Larceny is a serious charge that can result in imprisonment. Dominic Saraceno will work on improving chances of having your charges reduced or dismissed.
  • Fraud- Do not talk to any investigators in a fraud probe before you have talked to an experienced fraud defense attorney such as Dominic Saraceno. He has successfully represented both individuals and companies against criminal charges and government investigations.
  • Traffic Violations- Criminal charges brought with respect to vehicle or traffic violations can results in the loss of driving privileges, jail time, or both. Call Dominic Saraceno today so he can work on keeping or restoring your right to drive as well as minimize the possibility of jail time resulting from a criminal vehicle violation.
  • Child Pornography- These are very serious charges that can result in state or federal charges. Dominic Saraceno will handle your case with care and discretion.
  • Appeals- It takes a skilled criminal defense attorney to win an appeal that is in front of a New York State or Federal Appeals court. Dominic Saraceno will review your case to see if there is chance of overturning a case that has been wrongly decided. Mr. Saraceno will the take your case as far as it needs to go to see justice is done on your behalf.

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