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Buffalo New York Criminal Appeals Lawyer 

In the event that you or a loved one has been convicted of a felony, then you need a lawyer that focuses his area of practice on criminal defense and criminal appellate law.
Since 2001 Dominic Saraceno has been practicing criminal defense. Every client that he takes on will receive his personal attention and is examined personally Dominic Saraceno

Is it important to have a lawyer with experience in appellate law?

The appellate lawyer must understand the appellate arguments that may work well before a jury reaches an outcome in order to preserve issues for the appellate court The arguments to an appeals court are made to a panel of judges that are experienced in the law and concerned with the legal issues in a given case. Emotional arguments and arguments concerning sympathy may not play so well before a panel of appellate judges.

Appealing a Felony Conviction in Buffalo New York

A felony conviction usually takes place after a trial or a plea agreement. In New York, a felony conviction results in one of two types of courts: either the County Court or the Supreme Court. In each of these cases the legal issues on appeal can be drastically different. Each appeal will have its own distinct legal issues and factual basis. Examining each part of a case for potential appellate issues is an essential step in each criminal appeal.
A knowledgeable appeals lawyer will know the changing rules of the appeal process. In each felony conviction the risks are high and the dangers are great. Understanding these rules and how to leverage them to your clients advantage is essential in appellate practice. This is why you need to retain an accomplished appeals lawyer. Call Dominic Saraceno at 716-626-7007

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