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Your Buffalo Homicide Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with or questioned in a murder investigation? Homicide charges are the most serious charges that can be brought by prosecutors in our criminal justice system. Because of the seriousness of a murder charge, you do not want to talk to anyone until you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer at your side. Not every attorney has the same amount of experience in a courtroom defending against a homicide charge. When you need someone that has successfully defended a homicide prosecution, you need Buffalo defense attorney Dominic Saraceno.

The Prosecuting Attorneys In A Homicide Case Will Be Aggressive

The typical team for the prosecution will be experienced in putting those charged with murder away for a long time. Many of these cases will have the public and media assuming you are guilty before the trial has even begun. The prosecution will use every available bit of evidence to make you look guilty. They will call expert witnesses as well as use detailed forensic testimony to build their case against you. You need someone that will challenge them every step of the way and defend your rights. Can you afford to not have an experienced homicide defense attorney such as Dominic Saraceno?

Experienced Homicide and Murder Defense

Murder charges can range from murder, manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, and criminally negligent homicide. These are charges so serious that a conviction can mean life behind bars. Don’t just let any Buffalo attorney represent you. Let Dominic Saraceno personally work on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome.

Mr. Saraceno will work with all the information available including witness reports, autopsies, ballistic and weapon reports, crime scene photos, phone and text message records, trace evidence, expert witness testimony, toxicology, serology, 911 emergency call logs, and illegally obtained evidence to get your charges reduced or dropped altogether. If the police made mistakes in gathering evidence, Mr. Saraceno will expose their mistakes in an attempt to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Call Dominic Saraceno today at (716) 626-7007 for a free, no obligation legal consultation. Mr. Saraceno personally answers and returns all calls.

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