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Buffalo White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Dominic Saraceno is ready to help you defend yourself against white collar criminal charges in the Buffalo, NY area. Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney Dominic Saraceno will help help you aggressively defend your legal rights in the State of New York. Attorney Dominic Saraceno has extensive experience in defending against these charges as the evidence often involves a complex paper trail, which is much different than the evidence used in prosecuting other types of crimes. Mr. Saraceno has a law degree from Georgia State University as well as an MBA in finance from the University of Buffalo.This combination makes him uniquely qualified to defend against complex white collar charges.

White collar crimes are often committed by professionals using theft and deception instead of violence or force. White collar crimes can be brought from a state or a federal level prosecutor. Upon conviction, these crimes can carry fines, restitution, and even prison sentences.

Common Types Of White Collar Crime

  • Bribery-is defined as giving money or a gift to an official to influence their actions.
  • Embezzlement- involves taking assets entrusted by another and often is a form of financial fraud.
  • Extortion- involves taking money or property from another by threatening violence or some other action.
  • Forgery- involves altering a written document to attempt to defraud another party.
  • Larceny- in a white collar context involves theft of money or company property.
  • Insurance Fraud- is a type of fraud that targets insurance companies.
  • Securities Fraud-involving stocks and investments and can be brought by investors or government agencies.
  • Tax Fraud- is a type of fraud that attempts to deceive federal or state tax agencies.

If you have been approached for questioning in a possible white collar criminal investigation, DO NOT talk to anyone until you have consulted with Buffalo criminal defense lawyer Dominic Saraceno. Mr. Saraceno will evaluate the facts of the case and will advise you how to proceed. White collar criminal convictions, whether they are misdemeanor or felony level, are serious and can result in serious consequences to your liberty and employment. Now is the time to fight to protect your rights aggressively with an experienced Buffalo criminal attorney familiar with white collar prosecutions. Ready to speak to a Buffalo criminal defense attorney who will aggressively fight to protect your rights? Dominic Saraceno is an experienced attorney dedicated to criminal defense and he will fight for you. Call today for a free legal consultation.

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