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Buffalo, NY Assault Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with assault, you need to call an experienced Buffalo criminal defense attorney to defend your rights. Dominic Saraceno has been successfully defending clients from violent crime charges for almost 15 years. He has defended many high profile cases in the Erie and Niagara county area and is ready to fight aggressively against assault charges brought against you.

What is Assault in New York?

Assault is any unwanted physical contact with a person to which that person has not consented, resulting in an injury. There are varying levels of assault depending on the seriousness of the injury and whether or not aggravating circumstances exist. Assault can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony.

Assault charges that result in a conviction could result in your imprisonment, criminal record for life, probation or parole, anger management classes, and hefty fines. Criminal charges are not the only charges you have to worry about. The victim can sue you for significant damages in a civil case as well.

What should I do next when charged with Assault?

You have no time to lose. You need to have an experienced assault defense attorney review the facts of the case today. Call experienced Buffalo criminal attorney Dominic Saraceno right now at (716) 626-7007to schedule a free, confidential legal consultation of your case.

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