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Buffalo College Student Defense Attorney

Get the most aggressive criminal defense at rates even a college student can afford.
College is a time of important transition when some students might find themselves in legal trouble. If you are a college student in the Buffalo, New York area that has been charged with a crime, it is critical for your future that you choose the right criminal defense attorney.Dominic Saraceno is a leading criminal defense lawyer in the Buffalo, NY area whose high profile cases have often been covered in the Buffalo News, Niagara Gazette, and on local television.

If you have been charged with a crime as a college student in Buffalo, NY, you need a criminal defense attorney to represent you in local courts and for any disciplinary hearings you may have at the college you attend. In today’s competitive job market, you cannot afford to not fight for all your legal rights. Any criminal conviction or expulsion from college will make getting a job much more difficult later on. Call Dominic Saraceno for a free consultation. Get an aggressive criminal defense at rates even a college student can afford.

Common Student Legal Problems

  • DWI/DUI. College students often find themselves charged with drinking and driving related offenses. Now is the time to get an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will work to get your case dismissed or charges reduced.
  • Drug Possession. Drug possession in New York is a serious criminal charge that can carry a wide variety of legal consequences. Consult with Dominic Saraceno to find out the best legal defense for your specific situation.
  • Sex Crimes. There are many types of criminal charges in this category ranging from rape, statutory rape, sexual assault, and public lewdness or indecency. These charges require an experienced criminal attorney such as Dominic Sareceno who has extensive experience in Erie County and Niagara County courts.
  • Shoplifting. Many college students take risks, such as attempting to take items without paying for them. If you have been accused of this, you need a lawyer who has successfully handled over a thousand shoplifting cases.

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