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Charged with possesion or distribution of Child Pornography

If you or someone you know has been accused of ownership or distribution of child pornography in the state of New York or in Federal Court, we recommend seeking immediate legal representation. 
With the emergence of the internet, sex crimes involving child pornography have increased steadily in recent years and law makers have passed new laws to toughen the punishment  against such crimes. Even in situations where an individual accidentally or unknowingly possesses pornographic materials involving children, legal charges and convictions can still be made if sufficient evidence is found. With so much at stake, don’t make the mistake of assuming your innocence, and contact Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney Dominic Saraceno for assistance as soon as possible.

Federal, State Cases regarding Child Pornography

Due to some child pornography cases involving data traveling electronically over state lines, Federal child porography charges may also be filed, as they are considered internet sex crimes. State Charges for each individual states may differ slightly on what charges may be filed, however convictions for sexual offenses in the State of New York can be very severe. A conviction for possession or distribution of Child Pornography in NY State could include possible incarceration, fines, revocation of professional licenses, registration to sex offender lists, civil commitments, and irreversible damage to reputation. Because there may be both Federal and State implications, it’s important to choose a law firm that has the knowledge and experience to defend federal cases.

Contact a Sex Crime Defense Attorney

Here at the Law office of Dominic Saraceno, we understand how allegations of child pornography can be damaging to an individual’s reputation, employment and family, and we believe they must be handled discreetly & respectfully. Our firm has a proven record of success in both these and similar types of cases involving sexual offenses and we can assure you, that our years of experience and high success rate, will provide representation you can trust!


Don’t Delay‚Ķ your reputation and more is at stake!  Get legal help immediately in order to understand your rights.  Talk to criminal attorney Dominic Saraceno before saying or doing anything which might incriminate you or be used against you.

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