Two drivers Caught almost Seven Times over drink-drive Limit in Scotland

These days, the main targets have been drivers who are causing deaths while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. not long ago, two drivers had been arrested at an alcohol level seven times over the legal limit in Scotland.  Well, these two motorists were stopped in rush hour, with the first driver who was […]

China is all Set to play a constructive role to Improve India-Pakistan Relations.

China has previously announced that they are set to play a constructive role in the improvement of India-Pakistan relations.  In one recent meeting, they highlighted that they are all willing to play a “constructive” role in improving ties between India and Pakistan and hailed the aspect of the outreach by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and […]

Pakistan Announces to ban the use of state funds in first-class air Travel by Government Officials

In one of the recent cabinet meetings by the newly-appointed Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, a ban was imposed on first-class air travel by the President, Chief Justice, as well as Senate Chairman and the National Assembly speaker. In the same meeting, it was suggested that the working hours in view with the government institutions […]

Canadian Olympic Athlete involved in Drunk Driving Incident

Canadian ski athlete David Duncan was reported to be involved in Drunken Driving during the Pyeongchang Olympics. He is one of the skiing Olympic athletes and has won the hearts of many people already, but unfortunately, allegedly involved in a drunk driving incident and arrested for it though released afterward. It was reported on a […]

Teen Accused of Stealing His Father’s Truck While Driving Impaired

A 17-year old son has been accused of stealing his father’s truck and then hitting into a tree, reported in Feb of this year, at Smallwood Crescent in Saskatoon. His father told the Saskatoon police officers that his 17-year old son has stolen his truck. Around 15 minutes later his father had reported the theft, a truck was seen colliding with […]

UN Security Council Votes As For month-long Syria Ceasefire

We all have been aware of the condition of Syria these days! United Nations has since voted in order to permit humanitarian access and evacuations. The members of the United Nations Security Council voted on a resolution demanding a 30-day humanitarian ceasefire across Syria. It is to be reported that the Syria death toll has […]

Three Crashes Reported in Prince Alberta This Weekend

Recently in Prince Alberta, a northern Saskatchewan city, three impaired drivers have been reported for three separate crashes. The cases went to courts and the intoxicated drivers will soon meet a hearing, and their charges, in the Prince Alberta Court. The first crash happened on a Friday Evening when a 31-year old Ontario man was […]