Two drivers Caught almost Seven Times over drink-drive Limit in Scotland

These days, the main targets have been drivers who are causing deaths while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. not long ago, two drivers had been arrested at an alcohol level seven times over the legal limit in Scotland.  Well, these two motorists were stopped in rush hour, with the first driver who was a  49-year-old man, at seven times over the legal limit of 22 micrograms of alcohol per 100 milliliters of breath.

The following day a 55-year-old woman was stopped in Bridge of Don and was found to be in excess of eight times the legal limit. Well, both of these incidents occurred during the time of the afternoon, during busy commuter times when there is increased traffic on the road. Thankfully neither of these drivers were involved in any collisions, according to the reports.

It has been stated by the police that despite of the fact of the strong promotion over the years across the UK about the dangers and risks of drink-driving and the highly-publicized reduction of the Scottish drink-drive limit in 2014, it is still disappointing that some do think it is safe and acceptable to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking. The activity of drink driving or driving under the influence is not acceptable and should never be. Scotland police are fully committed to tackling this inconsiderate, as well as anti-social and potential life-ending behavior and will continue to enforce the drink-drive legislation across the region on a daily basis. Hence those who do fail drink/drug drive tests can face a minimum 12-month driving ban as a criminal record for a lengthy period and a substantial fine.