China is all Set to play a constructive role to Improve India-Pakistan Relations.

China has previously announced that they are set to play a constructive role in the improvement of India-Pakistan relations.  In one recent meeting, they highlighted that they are all willing to play a “constructive” role in improving ties between India and Pakistan and hailed the aspect of the outreach by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his new Pakistani counterpart Imran Khan to improve bilateral relations. Beijing has clearly stated that they are not getting to know the clear meaning of being constructive as stated by China Government.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang stated that: “We welcome the positive remarks made by the Indian and Pakistani leaders on improving the bilateral relations”.  He added: “As a common neighbor to Pakistan and India, China firmly supports the two sides enhancing dialogue and increasing mutual trust and properly handling to solve their differences. And we hope that they can jointly stay committed to the regional peace and development. China is willing to play a constructive role in this aspect”.  On mentioning of being in a constructive role, he stated that: “I just said we are glad to see the positive remarks by India and Pakistan on improving their bilateral relations and all the efforts that are conducive to the improvement of their relations and peace as well as stability in the region. We welcome that and we will play a constructive role in this respect”. He further said: “I cannot give a non-judgemental or in what aspect, what area, what we will do.”

On another side, Prime Minister India, Narendra Modi has also written a letter to Imran Khan on his election as Pakistan’s Prime Minister stating away from the need to build strong and good relations and hence pursue on with the constructive engagement for the beneficial sake of the region. Regional stability is paramount to a better world for all those involved.