Instagram model Arrested as She was drunk and stoned During fatal hit-and-run

A well-known fitness coach and model on Instagram was driving drunk and high at the when she struck and killed a 31-year-old father riding a moped, and then fled the scene.  Katie Summers is 28 years old and is the mother of two from Richland, Washington. She is known to her social media followers as @loseitconkatie has recently appeared in front of a judge in connection with the fatal collision.

The bail was set at $500,000 after Judge Sam Swanberg found probable cause to hold her on suspicion of vehicular homicide. She is accused of hitting Leonel Birrueta, of Kennewick, just at an intersection. Court documents allege Summers briefly stopped and got out of her Toyota Tundra pickup truck.  As per eyewitnesses, she did not identify herself or try to help or call 911. Instead, she got back in her vehicle and drove off. Cops then found Summers shortly after the accident in the parking lot of a nearby Albertsons grocery store, less than a block from the incident, admitting she drove the truck and the police could smell alcohol and marijuana on her. She admitted to drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana before the crash.

Summers who weighed 215 pounds hence gained fame when she chronicled her quest to lose 98 pounds after the birth of her second child. The journey helped her rack up 150,000 followers on her Instagram page and she also became a personal trainer and wellness coach. She has raised more than $1,700 to help pay for funeral costs. She is still under investigation by the police department.