Pakistan Announces to ban the use of state funds in first-class air Travel by Government Officials

In one of the recent cabinet meetings by the newly-appointed Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, a ban was imposed on first-class air travel by the President, Chief Justice, as well as Senate Chairman and the National Assembly speaker. In the same meeting, it was suggested that the working hours in view with the government institutions have also been revised. Moreover, discretionary funds of the Prime Minister, as well as federal ministers and members of the National Assembly have been abolished.

Additionally, another important decision taken by the cabinet was the formation of task forces for the purpose of the upgrading shanty settlements across the country and launching tree planting initiatives in main cities. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had spent 51 billion Pakistani rupees that were around $417,825,150 government funds only in one year by exercising his “discretionary powers”.  In the same way, President Mamnoon Hussain, also distributed public money in amount of 90 million Pakistani rupees on his own “discretionary spending”, but the new Prime Minister has decided not to use palatial Prime Minister House and instead lives on a small portion of it that was a previously used residence by the military secretary to the prime minister. He has also the decision to use only two vehicles and keep two servants. He refused to follow an elaborate official protocol.

Some of the strict decisions have been made by the side of the new Prime Minister of Pakistan that is definitely bringing some change in the mindset of Pakistan. Now let’s see who will stand in favor of these decisions and who will oppose it!