Teen Accused of Stealing His Father’s Truck While Driving Impaired

A 17-year old son has been accused of stealing his father’s truck and then hitting into a tree, reported in Feb of this year, at Smallwood Crescent in Saskatoon.

His father told the Saskatoon police officers that his 17-year old son has stolen his truck. Around 15 minutes later his father had reported the theft, a truck was seen colliding with a tree at the 100-block of Smallwood Crescent. No injuries were reported after the incident.

The son is taken into custody and arrested on several charges that include impaired driving, possession of narcotics, and exceeding the .08 BAC level, and possession of stolen property. He was scheduled to appear before the Judge not long after.

Meanwhile, the Saskatoon police set up a check stop on Friday night and alleged three drivers as drunk from over 500 motorists. One of those failed to pass the breathing test too. Two other motorists were reported to have a blood alcohol content and surpassed .04. They faced an immediate three-day roadside suspension.

The police have decided to schedule more checkpoints, especially during the holiday season to avoid such cases and any risk factors, as much as they can.