Canadian Olympic Athlete involved in Drunk Driving Incident

Canadian ski athlete David Duncan was reported to be involved in Drunken Driving during the Pyeongchang Olympics. He is one of the skiing Olympic athletes and has won the hearts of many people already, but unfortunately, allegedly involved in a drunk driving incident and arrested for it though released afterward.

It was reported on a Saturday morning that David Duncan, an Olympic athlete, and one more man were seen driving and involved in this case.

“The driver was drunk heavily and had a bad alcohol level of .160”, said police.

The police did not identify the athlete. The incident was reported to Canadian Olympic committee who then confirmed it. He felt guilty of drunken driving. The police arrested him Saturday morning, but soon released when the Olympic committee had confirmed his identity.

David Duncan is ready to inspire generations in skiing competitions in Olympics. He is asked to not repeat such incidents as it can really spoil his image and health as well.

The majority of drunken driving incidents reported this month had their drivers in bad alcohol habits. The police and the authorities need to take some serious action to avoid such incidents which can leave people in serious hazards. Also, police are encouraging the neighbors to report such incidents as soon as they find one.

Dave Duncan is since apologized for “behavior that demonstrated poor judgment” after being released from jail following the alleged drunken joyride.