Three Crashes Reported in Prince Alberta This Weekend

Recently in Prince Alberta, a northern Saskatchewan city, three impaired drivers have been reported for three separate crashes. The cases went to courts and the intoxicated drivers will soon meet a hearing, and their charges, in the Prince Alberta Court.

The first crash happened on a Friday Evening when a 31-year old Ontario man was driving an unregistered vehicle and hit the guardrail in the northbound lane and the truck flipped on its side, police said. The driver was not injured but reported to drive an unregistered vehicle and a suspended license too. The man also did not pass the breathalyzer test at the station, said police. The man is charged with impaired driving and surpassing .08. He will appear in the Prince Alberta Court Monday morning.

The second crash was reported on an early Saturday when an intoxicated woman crashed into a snow bank. It happened on the 400-block of Mahon Drive. The woman failed to pass the breathalyzer at the station, said the police. The woman is charged with impair driving and exceeding .08. She has been released from the custody and appeared in the Prince Alberta Court on 5th March 2018.

The third crash happened on the last day of that weekend, Sunday early morning at 22nd Street, 6th Avenue East when a 34-year old man intoxicated man semi-collided his car. The man failed to pass the breathing test too and charged with impair driving and refuse to submit a breath sample. He will also appear in the Prince Alberta Court on Monday.