Suspect Arrested in Murder Case of Asma

Indian Police have finally woken up and on a Sunday morning they arrested the main suspect, added with the 4 other men, in the rape and murder case of a six-year-old girl named Asma in Dunyapur, a town in Lodhran district.

Asma was reported missing on February 19th of this year. She was found to be dead less than a week later on February 24, near a pond and her body mutilated. The autopsy report confirmed the girl was killed after being raped. Upon further investigation, police have come up with a timeline that the main suspect in the case, Asma’s 19-year-old cousin Ali Haider, who has been accused of raping the child and then killing her.  The suspect has himself confessed to molesting and killing Asma. Four of the other suspects are also the close relatives of Asma who were arrested within 100 meters from the crime site.

The complete autopsy of the Asma was carried out under the supervision of the Lodhran District Police Officer (DPO) Ameer Taimoor at the District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ). The DPO report, as the autopsy, confirmed the fact that the girl was raped before killing her. Further details about the case will be disclosed as the forensic report is issued. According to Dr. Waseem Iqbal, who is the medical superintendent at DHQ hospital Lodhran, stated that the victim was killed 48 hours before the dead body was found.  Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has taken the notice of the whole incident and is expected to make the visit to the family of Asma.