Man Confronts Suspected Drunk Driver After Crashing into Concrete Barrier

San Antonio-TEXAS

In February of this year, a 20-year-old Texas criminal justice major got some real-world crime-fighting experience.

Deandre Lewis was a passenger in the car when he saw a man crash into a concrete barrier on the Highway.

What did Lewis do? He captured the scene and posted that video on Twitter.

Lewis, then confronted the drunk driver who had a high level of alcohol and called the police.

Manuel Rodriguez-Rojas, 61-year old man in question, was then arrested and taken to the nearby hospital for minor injuries. Afterward, he could not pass the breathing test and refused to submit a breathalyzer.

San Antonio police told the TV station that Rodriguez-Rojas was charged with driving while intoxicated, and that it’s his third time being charged with that offense.

Meanwhile, Lewis video on twitter got 16,000 retweets with 830,000 views.