Non-Defense Aid to Pakistan should End, U.S. Congress

The U.S. House of Representatives joined the Senate recently to ask fora halting of the U.S. economic assistance to Pakistan while Trump administration has already halted its military assistance to Pakistan. A bill was introduced in the House saying the non-defense assistance to Pakistan should now be put to an end and the money set […]

A New Impaired Driving Campaign by Weyburn Police

Drinking and driving has been reported as being one of continuous problems in Saskatchewan Canada, but now Weyburn Police is attempting to take new steps by offering free taxi rides. An initiative to curb Drunk Driving in Weyburn, Saskatchewan is hoping to minimize the chances of alcohol related car accidents by offering free voucher rides. […]

Outcry as Utah judge calls Mormon bishop who raped girl a ‘good man’.

Complaints are pouring against a Utah judge who called a former Mormon bishop convicted of rape an “extraordinary, good man” who did something wrong, a Utah judicial oversight organization said on Friday. About 40 emails, six voicemails and some Facebook messages complaining about Judge Thomas Low have come in since late March, said Jennifer Yim, […]

International Law Update: “France Implements New Right-To-Disconnect Law”

Effective January 1, 2017, France has implemented a “right to disconnect” law for French companies. Under the law, French companies with 50 employees or more are now required to ensure that they have taken specific steps to ensure that their employees have a right to “disconnect” from work-related technologies that potentially invade the worker’s personal […]

Russia Formally Recognizes Legality of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

On November 29, 2016, Russian authorities released a document taking a long-awaited formal position on the use of Bitcoin and related transactions. The document, released by the Federal Tax Service, states explicitly that there is no legal prohibition on such use of cryptocurrencies. The document puts nearly three years of legal ambiguity to rest; those […]