Troubling Pattern in Syria

There were reports of several Chemical attacks on Syria, reported recently. The victims that appear to be effected by Chlorine gas were taken to the hospital. The ambassador of United States Nikki Haley said to the United Nations, “Few things have horrified my country and the world as well of chemical weapons against these people”. She asked for stopping the use of all the chemical weapons on innocent people immediately and stop the bloodshed. She says, “Our goal must be to end the use of these evil, unjustifiable weapons”. She not only demanded the abandoning of these harmful weapons but destroying them all under supervision. It seems like no council of the world is ready to take some action against these chemical attacks. There are multiple assaults reported on Syrian people from weeks including just yesterday. There are dozens of victims who can report the obvious incidence multiple times. There must be a security council press statement condemning these attacks. So far, Russia has delayed the adoption of any statement. Russia must take appropriate step to stop the suffocation of Syrian children by the chlorine gas and the chemical attacks by condemning these attacks, at least. Though accountability is the first basic step in raising voice against this act of atrocity there should be an end to these now. We can only come close to our goals when the actions will have consequences, traitors will be punished. But if we, as a community can’t take even the initial step of accountability of these chemical weapons, we seriously need to ask ourselves “why we are here”? Until or unless the people who use these weapons meet some serious punishments, we can’t expect an end to this troubling pattern in Syria.