A deadly Car Smash by a Drunk Driver in the Bronx

A drunk motorist set off a deadly chain of a car crash that led to the death of a man and two injured ladies in the Bronx, 3rd Feb 2018, early Saturday late at night at 2:50 a.m., reported by the police.

The drunken, Andres Mayora, 56 was driving a Jeep northbound up Bronx Blvd. in Parkside late at night when he smashed into the back of a silver Nissan Altima, also traveling in the same direction. The car was operated by Shiquan Dunn who was just 31, said the police.

The collision led the Dunn’s car out of control which again bumped into another Nissan Altima who was taking a left onto the highway from Burke Avenue, as reported by cops.

Whereas the Mayora’s jeep crashed into another two cars parked outside an apartment and led to another car wreck, said the police.

From this deadly chain of car wrecks, Dunn died at the spot while a 28-year woman sitting next to him on the passenger seat was taken to the nearby Jacoby Medical Centre, and reported to have minor injuries.

There was also a woman in the second Altima, 48-year old and Mayora was also taken to Jacoby Medical center, with minor injuries.

The deadly incident led to the death of a young man and two injured women while the intoxicated driver was charged with driving under the influence and will be punished that way.