Teen Accused of Stealing His Father’s Truck While Driving Impaired

A 17-year old son has been accused of stealing his father’s truck and then hitting into a tree, reported in Feb of this year, at Smallwood Crescent in Saskatoon. His father told the Saskatoon police officers that his 17-year old son has stolen his truck. Around 15 minutes later his father had reported the theft, a truck was seen colliding with […]

U.S. Troops Assisting Iraq Against ISIS

Recently, U.S. troops have shifted focus in Iraq to assist the Iraqi military forces to combat “nearly-defeated” ISIS forces. As we all know, ISIS has become an insurgence force since the U.S. led anti-ISIS coalition. The U.S. forces have moved its 5,600 troops to Iraq to shift this mission. “This coalition will assist our forces […]