International Law Update: “France Implements New Right-To-Disconnect Law”

Effective January 1, 2017, France has implemented a “right to disconnect” law for French companies. Under the law, French companies with 50 employees or more are now required to ensure that they have taken specific steps to ensure that their employees have a right to “disconnect” from work-related technologies that potentially invade the worker’s personal […]

U.S. Appellate Court Upholds Ruling Mandating Bottled Water Delivery and In-Home Filtration to Affected Michigan Residents

A U.S. appellate panel ruled on December 16 to uphold a court order stating that the State of Michigan is required to deliver either bottled water or provide a mechanism for home filtration for any qualifying residents in and around the Flint area. Over the past year, lead contamination in the region’s tap water has […]