Does Law Enforcement Need a Warrant to Obtain Cell-Site Location Data?

When you make or get a call or text with your mobile device, your carrier stores data about which cell tower transmitted your signal, in the general territory where you might be located when that transmission happened. Courts have been differing for quite some time about whether this information accumulated by your cellphone provider can […]

How can hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney help my Drunk Driving case?

Criminal Defense lawyers who have expertise in drunk driving cases are regularly better suited to speak to the individuals who are arrested for drunk driving. This is due to these lawyers have the abilities, expertise, and knowledge required to effectively speak to their clients, particularly in cases including improper BAC and Field Sobriety testing. In […]

Suspended Rhode Island lawyer jailed for failing to pay sanction

A suspended Rhode Island legal counselor has been imprisoned on a common scorn charge for neglecting to pay more than $11,000 for an endorse forced for making deceptions to the court. The “legal counselor and provocateur,” Keven A. McKenna of Providence, was arrested on Tuesday, the Providence Journal reports. On Thursday evening, McKenna’s legal counselor […]