Suspended Rhode Island lawyer jailed for failing to pay sanction

A suspended Rhode Island legal counselor has been imprisoned on a common scorn charge for neglecting to pay more than $11,000 for an endorse forced for making deceptions to the court.

The “legal counselor and provocateur,” Keven A. McKenna of Providence, was arrested on Tuesday, the Providence Journal reports. On Thursday evening, McKenna’s legal counselor said a check from a relative of McKenna’s had failed to clear and he would remain in prison for the third night.

Judge Netti Vogel said Thursday that she won’t let McKenna out of prison until he delivered the cash.

The charge, forced in 2015, originated from allegations that McKenna—a previous state agent and metropolitan court judge—had documented court activities on individuals’ names without their consent. He was requested to pay $19,267 to a defendant in one of the cases as an endorsement.

McKenna paid a portion of the cash, then petitioned for chapter 11 bankruptcy. The chapter 11 case was expelled in December and McKenna neglected to appear for a Jan. 3 hearing on the endorse.

McKenna has likewise recorded eight claims against the state incomparable court and two dozen different litigants since 2009. The state says the filings are vexatious and looks to forbid him from recording new claims against the state’s best court and its lawyer general, the Journal detailed in November.

McKenna’s permit was suspended in 2015, incompletely to try to upset and defer a specialists’ remuneration continuing and neglecting to unveil pay to the insolvency court. His permit has not yet been restored.

The state is presently asking a government judge to ban McKenna from recording further suits, contending that the activities are “vexatious and negligible.” The state looks to have sanctions forced.

The high court in 2015 suspended McKenna’s permit to provide legal counsel for one year, finishing a long-running case. The court found that McKenna had purposely endeavored to disturb and defer a Workers’ Compensation Court continuing, neglected to reveal wage to a U.S. Chapter 11 Court, disregarded a subpoena and led his law to rehearse under an unapproved restricted risk enterprise, in addition to other things. The court has since declined to restore his permit.