U.S. Troops Assisting Iraq Against ISIS

Recently, U.S. troops have shifted focus in Iraq to assist the Iraqi military forces to combat “nearly-defeated” ISIS forces. As we all know, ISIS has become an insurgence force since the U.S. led anti-ISIS coalition. The U.S. forces have moved its 5,600 troops to Iraq to shift this mission. “This coalition will assist our forces […]

UN Security Council Votes As For month-long Syria Ceasefire

We all have been aware of the condition of Syria these days! United Nations has since voted in order to permit humanitarian access and evacuations. The members of the United Nations Security Council voted on a resolution demanding a 30-day humanitarian ceasefire across Syria. It is to be reported that the Syria death toll has […]

Reporting a Pair of Impaired Drivers in Digby Area

Nova Scotia RCMP says that two residents in the Digby area saved some road accidents by reporting two incidents of drunken drivers in the area. According to police, the first call came around 4:30 p.m. on 3rd Feb 2018 reporting of an abandoned vehicle in the middle of Shore Road. The officers caught that 50-year […]

Non-Defense Aid to Pakistan should End, U.S. Congress

The U.S. House of Representatives joined the Senate recently to ask fora halting of the U.S. economic assistance to Pakistan while Trump administration has already halted its military assistance to Pakistan. A bill was introduced in the House saying the non-defense assistance to Pakistan should now be put to an end and the money set […]