Molly’s Pub Shenanigans

According to The Buffalo, NY State Liquor Authority, it is forbidden for the police officers to work directly for bar owners or to sale and distribute alcohol.

So I ask, what were these off duty police officers doing at the Molly’s Pub on the night that Sager (the victim) was attacked and injured and eventually died of his injuries?  And if there was really no connection and wrong doing on the police officers part why were they trying to tamper and conceal the surveillance equipment?

According to the victim’s friend the exchange was uncalled-for and if so why was he not given the care he needed as soon as he was pushed or forced down the stairs with a shovel…   And actually for that matter why was there a two handed shovel inside the bar?  Who brings a shovel to a bar? Was the shovel actually planted there for a purpose?

I don’t care if you’re just a member of your community or a police officer; everyone should get the same kind of judgment when prosecuted.  Others might think as a police officer you should get harsher punishment since you are the law that others try to obey and you should supposedly know better!!

On duty or off duty when you take the oath to serve and protect your communities you should be willing to do so either way.

I don’t want to stereotype and say all police officers act the same in situations like these, because that’s not the case but doesn’t these kind of legal news and incidents raise the question as why police officers are so harsh when it comes to punishing others and when their the one on trial they want the entire world to feel sorry for them?

Dominic Saraceno,  a local criminal defense attorney, who has no affiliation with the trial stated: “ if the case goes to trial , the defense attorney might question the witness in the case and try to compare testimonies and find inconsistencies anywhere they can to show the defendants innocence”.

All I say is police officer or not, we are all human beings and make mistakes throughout our life journey, but we also need to stand up and own our wrong doings no matter what the consequences may be.

Besides, aren’t police officers supposed to protect and serve and promote peace and quiet in our communities?  Am I not supposed to feel safe around police officers?