Greg Oden in court

NBA agent Greg Oden is facing a felony charge after police stated that he attacked his former girlfriend after a night of partying. The court appearance has been attended on August 13th.

The 285 pound Oden is accused of punching his former girlfriend Christina Green in the face several times as well as fracturing a bone in her nose. The bloody incident was brought to an end by the mother of Oden, who was shocked by the commotion.

Oden was charged on August 11th with one count of felony, resulting in bodily injuries, also referred to as a Level 5 felony, he was arrested in his mother’s Lawrence home, as stated by the Lawrence Police Department report.

Oden is risking a penalty of 1 to 6 years behind bars.

Based on court papers, police officers had been called to the property in the 7200 street to Maple Bluff Area for an investigation associated with a wounded man or woman. After arrival, authorities started off speaking to Oden, who was simply outside of the residence.

Inside the house, Green was laying on the sofa with blood on her face, She suffered from cuts to her nose and forehead. Blood could be observed on the ground and the couch, there had also been filth coming from a flower pot scattered on the floor, reported by official documents.

Just as Christina Green yelled and rejected medical attention, her closest friend explained to law enforcement that Oden smacked Green in the face area, documents stated.

Law enforcement reported that Green, to begin with, said to researchers that she fell. She could not reply to questions regarding the particular incident and just wouldn’t permit officials to photograph her injuries.

The mother of Oden, Zoe Oden, was at her residence during the time and was disturbed by the incident, according to official reports. Zoe Oden informed law enforcement that each and every time the two visited and moved out, a quarrel followed.

Immediately after her son’s police arrest, Zoe Oden explained to law enforcement that disagreements were resolved between the couple. She included that she had not seen what went down, however she needed to keep her son away from Green.

Green was taken directly to the Community North Hospital for stitches to her face and further hospital treatment. She was also reported to have a closed fracture on the nose bridge and may also require surgery at some point.

Green initially stated that Oden had been drinking while they were out, she also said that they went to a night club just before the incident. Oden is claimed to become upset after he drinks, Green states.