Woman Arrested for Drunk Driving after Police find Facebook Messages left open on computer in hotel

In a recent report, a woman was charged with drink driving after police found out with some of the incriminating messages on her Facebook page.

Just as after a car crash in Michigan, police investigators said they had tracked one of the alleged drivers to a nearby hotel. There they found a computer which was still logged into the woman’s Facebook page and open on a series of messages to another user. This woman had allegedly told her Facebook friend that she had been involved in a crash and that she was drunk. At the time of the investigation’s questioning, the woman did admit to being involved, but denied driving the vehicle and refused to tell them who had been driving.  In this way of the incident, she was charged with driving with an expired driver’s license, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence, and leaving the scene of an accident. Investigators also stated that the hotel’s receptionist had told officers that the woman had admitted to her, to driving the vehicle when it crashed and had been drinking. In short, her Facebook messages with the random person lead to her being apprehended.

The woman admitted to having drunk alcohol about two hours before the crash and an initial breathalyzer test showed she had a blood alcohol level of 0.12 percent. Further investigations are being carried out by police and the woman is still under investigation.

Well Known chef Arrested on drunken-driving Charges

One of the well-known New York chefs has been busted in a drunken-driving crash in the Hamptons. It has been unveiled out by the sources that one of the most celebrated chefs, Maurizio Marfoglia, blew a 0.24 on a Breathalyzer test as almost three times the legal limit just as after falling asleep behind the wheel of a 2017 Ford and plowing into a light pole. He was although not injured.

The chef was arrested on an early Monday by East Hampton Town police and was charged with aggravated DWI. Marfoglia is the head chef and partner of Dopo La Spiaggia, an upscale Italian restaurant with locations Sag Harbor and East Hampton. He was also once affiliated with the Coney Island franchise of the burger chain Wahlburgers. Police have investigated and found that Marfoglia was headed north on Route 114 near Breeze Drive when he dozed off, swerved off the road, struck a mailbox, then crashed into a telephone pole. Marfoglia was standing outside the vehicle when authorities arrived and admitted to having two glasses of wine.

The restaurateur had his license suspended and was released without bail at his arraignment. Marfoglia’s lawyer, Edward Burke Jr., said he applied for — and was granted — a hardship license on behalf of his client. The license allows Marfoglia to drive to and from work, Burke said.

Two drivers Caught almost Seven Times over drink-drive Limit in Scotland

These days, the main targets have been drivers who are causing deaths while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. not long ago, two drivers had been arrested at an alcohol level seven times over the legal limit in Scotland.  Well, these two motorists were stopped in rush hour, with the first driver who was a  49-year-old man, at seven times over the legal limit of 22 micrograms of alcohol per 100 milliliters of breath.

The following day a 55-year-old woman was stopped in Bridge of Don and was found to be in excess of eight times the legal limit. Well, both of these incidents occurred during the time of the afternoon, during busy commuter times when there is increased traffic on the road. Thankfully neither of these drivers were involved in any collisions, according to the reports.

It has been stated by the police that despite of the fact of the strong promotion over the years across the UK about the dangers and risks of drink-driving and the highly-publicized reduction of the Scottish drink-drive limit in 2014, it is still disappointing that some do think it is safe and acceptable to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking. The activity of drink driving or driving under the influence is not acceptable and should never be. Scotland police are fully committed to tackling this inconsiderate, as well as anti-social and potential life-ending behavior and will continue to enforce the drink-drive legislation across the region on a daily basis. Hence those who do fail drink/drug drive tests can face a minimum 12-month driving ban as a criminal record for a lengthy period and a substantial fine.

China is all Set to play a constructive role to Improve India-Pakistan Relations.

China has previously announced that they are set to play a constructive role in the improvement of India-Pakistan relations.  In one recent meeting, they highlighted that they are all willing to play a “constructive” role in improving ties between India and Pakistan and hailed the aspect of the outreach by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his new Pakistani counterpart Imran Khan to improve bilateral relations. Beijing has clearly stated that they are not getting to know the clear meaning of being constructive as stated by China Government.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang stated that: “We welcome the positive remarks made by the Indian and Pakistani leaders on improving the bilateral relations”.  He added: “As a common neighbor to Pakistan and India, China firmly supports the two sides enhancing dialogue and increasing mutual trust and properly handling to solve their differences. And we hope that they can jointly stay committed to the regional peace and development. China is willing to play a constructive role in this aspect”.  On mentioning of being in a constructive role, he stated that: “I just said we are glad to see the positive remarks by India and Pakistan on improving their bilateral relations and all the efforts that are conducive to the improvement of their relations and peace as well as stability in the region. We welcome that and we will play a constructive role in this respect”. He further said: “I cannot give a non-judgemental or in what aspect, what area, what we will do.”

On another side, Prime Minister India, Narendra Modi has also written a letter to Imran Khan on his election as Pakistan’s Prime Minister stating away from the need to build strong and good relations and hence pursue on with the constructive engagement for the beneficial sake of the region. Regional stability is paramount to a better world for all those involved.


Instagram model Arrested as She was drunk and stoned During fatal hit-and-run

A well-known fitness coach and model on Instagram was driving drunk and high at the when she struck and killed a 31-year-old father riding a moped, and then fled the scene.  Katie Summers is 28 years old and is the mother of two from Richland, Washington. She is known to her social media followers as @loseitconkatie has recently appeared in front of a judge in connection with the fatal collision.

The bail was set at $500,000 after Judge Sam Swanberg found probable cause to hold her on suspicion of vehicular homicide. She is accused of hitting Leonel Birrueta, of Kennewick, just at an intersection. Court documents allege Summers briefly stopped and got out of her Toyota Tundra pickup truck.  As per eyewitnesses, she did not identify herself or try to help or call 911. Instead, she got back in her vehicle and drove off. Cops then found Summers shortly after the accident in the parking lot of a nearby Albertsons grocery store, less than a block from the incident, admitting she drove the truck and the police could smell alcohol and marijuana on her. She admitted to drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana before the crash.

Summers who weighed 215 pounds hence gained fame when she chronicled her quest to lose 98 pounds after the birth of her second child. The journey helped her rack up 150,000 followers on her Instagram page and she also became a personal trainer and wellness coach. She has raised more than $1,700 to help pay for funeral costs. She is still under investigation by the police department.

Pakistan Announces to ban the use of state funds in first-class air Travel by Government Officials

In one of the recent cabinet meetings by the newly-appointed Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, a ban was imposed on first-class air travel by the President, Chief Justice, as well as Senate Chairman and the National Assembly speaker. In the same meeting, it was suggested that the working hours in view with the government institutions have also been revised. Moreover, discretionary funds of the Prime Minister, as well as federal ministers and members of the National Assembly have been abolished.

Additionally, another important decision taken by the cabinet was the formation of task forces for the purpose of the upgrading shanty settlements across the country and launching tree planting initiatives in main cities. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had spent 51 billion Pakistani rupees that were around $417,825,150 government funds only in one year by exercising his “discretionary powers”.  In the same way, President Mamnoon Hussain, also distributed public money in amount of 90 million Pakistani rupees on his own “discretionary spending”, but the new Prime Minister has decided not to use palatial Prime Minister House and instead lives on a small portion of it that was a previously used residence by the military secretary to the prime minister. He has also the decision to use only two vehicles and keep two servants. He refused to follow an elaborate official protocol.

Some of the strict decisions have been made by the side of the new Prime Minister of Pakistan that is definitely bringing some change in the mindset of Pakistan. Now let’s see who will stand in favor of these decisions and who will oppose it!

Fetty Wap Pleads Guilty to Avoid Jail in Drunk Driving Case

Fetty Wap was looking forward to releasing his upcoming sophomore album King Zoo, but the project has been put on hold for now, though his fans are eagerly waiting. The rapper was arrested back in November for the drunk driving race which put him on fifteen charges including for careless endangerment and driving while impaired.

Besides his legal bail, he’s been teasing new music after he dropped For My Fans 3: The Final Chapter. The project was dropped back in January and now he dropped another album including “Kiss Wowie” which was supposed to be a tribute to his girlfriend. Most recently he released “Air it Out”. The wrapper seems to be back on track. Now, the legal cases are solved we expect to see some of his new releases this year.

Fetty got a no-jail sweetheart deal on his felony drunk driving arrest in Brooklyn instead pleading guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment.

Under a deal struck in Brooklyn Criminal Court, Fetty will have to take a state Impaired Driving Program course, and he’ll lose his license for 90 days. The misdemeanor will also remain on his record.

But Fetty, 26, whose given name is Willie Maxwell, had originally faced as much as seven years prison on his original charges of drunk and reckless driving, speeding and felony reckless endangerment.

Leaving court, he posed for selfies with star-struck passersby, but covered his face with his hoodie when news photographers showed up.

More than 100 Girls Missing After Raid on Nigerian School

It was reported earlier this year that more than 100 girls were missing after the raid at a Nigerian School. The Media had reported that more than 100 of the girls have been missing after a suspected Boko Haram militants attacked their school in northeastern Nigeria.

Bashir Manzo, father of one of the girls, interviewed with CNN said that his was one of the girls who is missing and unaccounted for after the raid on the Government Girls Science Technical College in Dapchi, Yobe.  The Nigerian Government has not yet come up with the release of the official list of those missing.  Shortly after the attack, Yobe’s governor did officially announce that almost 50 girls are unaccounted for, but the Manzo, who is the newly elected head of the parents’ association at the school, has reported that according to parents and the association’s records 104 girls were missing.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has given a promising statement to the families that they will be returning the missing girls to their families in a safe and secure way and hopefully bring the attackers to justice. Buhari has proclaimed it a national disaster and a shameful act for the world.  A great number of the troops and surveillance aircraft have been deployed to search the territory for the unknown number of missing students.

Update: In a statement release not long after the initial event, the Yobe state government said an unspecified number of girls had been rescued from the “terrorists who abducted them” and were now with the army.

Reuters news agency quoted parents and a government official as saying that 76 girls had been rescued and at least 13 were still missing

According to an ongoing head count, 104 of the girls abducted by militants from their boarding school on February 19 were “dropped off” Wednesday in Dapchi in northeast Nigeria, Minister of Information and Culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed said in a statement. Those schoolgirls and one boy were among those returned early Wednesday, the minister said. “He was also picked from the school,” he said of the boy. “I don’t know what he was doing there.”
The schoolgirls were later flown to the capital, Abuja, where they are expected to meet the Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari. The minister of information said no ransom was paid to free the Dapchi schoolgirls and said their release “came with no conditions.
“The only thing they asked for was that they should be the ones to drop them off. They didn’t want to hand them over to any third party. Nothing was given in exchange for them”.

Man Confronts Suspected Drunk Driver After Crashing into Concrete Barrier

San Antonio-TEXAS

In February of this year, a 20-year-old Texas criminal justice major got some real-world crime-fighting experience.

Deandre Lewis was a passenger in the car when he saw a man crash into a concrete barrier on the Highway.

What did Lewis do? He captured the scene and posted that video on Twitter.

Lewis, then confronted the drunk driver who had a high level of alcohol and called the police.

Manuel Rodriguez-Rojas, 61-year old man in question, was then arrested and taken to the nearby hospital for minor injuries. Afterward, he could not pass the breathing test and refused to submit a breathalyzer.

San Antonio police told the TV station that Rodriguez-Rojas was charged with driving while intoxicated, and that it’s his third time being charged with that offense.

Meanwhile, Lewis video on twitter got 16,000 retweets with 830,000 views.


Suspect Arrested in Murder Case of Asma

Indian Police have finally woken up and on a Sunday morning they arrested the main suspect, added with the 4 other men, in the rape and murder case of a six-year-old girl named Asma in Dunyapur, a town in Lodhran district.

Asma was reported missing on February 19th of this year. She was found to be dead less than a week later on February 24, near a pond and her body mutilated. The autopsy report confirmed the girl was killed after being raped. Upon further investigation, police have come up with a timeline that the main suspect in the case, Asma’s 19-year-old cousin Ali Haider, who has been accused of raping the child and then killing her.  The suspect has himself confessed to molesting and killing Asma. Four of the other suspects are also the close relatives of Asma who were arrested within 100 meters from the crime site.

The complete autopsy of the Asma was carried out under the supervision of the Lodhran District Police Officer (DPO) Ameer Taimoor at the District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ). The DPO report, as the autopsy, confirmed the fact that the girl was raped before killing her. Further details about the case will be disclosed as the forensic report is issued. According to Dr. Waseem Iqbal, who is the medical superintendent at DHQ hospital Lodhran, stated that the victim was killed 48 hours before the dead body was found.  Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has taken the notice of the whole incident and is expected to make the visit to the family of Asma.