2019 California Law looks to deter drunk driving

A California DUI prevention law went into effect on January 1st, 2019.

“The DMV has put together a law related to the new interlock device, and we will be enforcing that,” said Lt. Greg Klingenberg, of the California Highway Patrol.

In 2019, repeat offenders will be required to connect a breathalyzer to their vehicles. The device will prevent the ignition from starting unless they’re sober.

“Don’t drink and drive,” Klingenberg reiterated.

Convicted drunk drivers in California will also be responsible for the cost of the interlock device –about $3 a day. They’ll be required to use it for a period of 12 to 48 months.

First offenders who don’t cause any injuries can choose to install the breathalyzer for six months, or have a restricted license for one year.

Lt. Klingenberg explained other state DUI regulations remain the same.

“The law hasn’t changed related to what the level is. Anything over 0.08 is driving under the influence of alcohol. I’m aware that there are other states, like Utah, that has lowered their level to 0.05. But that hasn’t changed for California.”

The CHP spokesperson reminded residents his agency had been on the look out for drunk drivers on New Year’s Eve.

“We’ll have every available officer out enforcing all the laws to include DUI, and obviously there’s a special focus on that just because of the New Year’s Eve holiday.”