Controversial adoption bill signed into law by Texas Governor

The governor of Texas Greg Abbott recently created a law relating to adoption which gives the power to the adoption agencies to reject the placement of a child in a family or in a foster care or home which goes against the religious beliefs of the adoption agencies. The bill was passed in May and it was converted into a law soon thereafter.

Rights groups are already up in arms against this law by the Texas State. They believe that this particular law would be used in order to thwart the LGBT parents from adopting children. This law can also go against the parents were from the minority community. Even though the sponsor of the bill, James Frank, denies any such a loop holes being there in the bill, the rights groups are still skeptical about the bill.

Due to the ongoing cases in the Supreme Court, the rights of the same-sex couples are already under threat. The precedent of such cases is the case of the lesbian couple, who are against the decision of the Mississippi court which had ruled that she is not a legal parent. Similarly, in February in South Carolina, both same-sex parents were only allowed to get the birth certificate of the child they had adopted after the intervention of a federal judge.

In another example, in December 2016 a judge in Arkansas appalled the judgment that only the biological parents can be named in the birth certificate of the child. This was actually a big blow to the rights of the same-sex parents. However, in another judgment in August of 2016, the top court in New York expanded the definition of a parent in order to include the same-sex couples.

In May of 2016, the Supreme Court in Alabama bracketed the order on the denial of same-sex marriage recognition. This in-turn ensures that same-sex couples were able to marry and get their marriage recognized in a few more states. This was a huge win for the same-sex couples who were now legally allowed to become parents. However, this is still limited to certain states and not for the entire country. That is why this law intends to undermine the rights further.

In such an environment, the law which was recently established is actually a threat to the right of the same-sex couples.