Catastrophic situations leading to widespread legal turmoil

National and international laws are constantly being broken at some part of the earth or other. Recent cases of killing and catastrophe have stunned the most powerful countries even. The envoy of the Palestine Authorities have recently vented out to the United Nations Human Rights Council that the PA cannot hope to press charges against Israel in the international courts, because terrorists belonging to Palestine are in fact the worse violators of international law themselves. The recent mass killing in Palestine, presents a clear picture of the level of inhumanity that stem from conflicts between nations. As the PA applied for membership in the international agencies, all types of peace talks between the Palestinian and Israel authorities have fell apart.

No peace talks

All signs of peace talks between Palestine and Israel have fallen apart and many advocates and Palestinian factions have pushed the PA, so that he can sign the Roman statute. This will help him to press all kinds of necessary charges against Israel in the ICC at Hague. But, according to Ibrahim Khreisheh, any such moves is sure to backfire as Israel’s conduct during Operation Protective Edge to stop rocket fire from rocket fire where their forces have always warned civilians before launching any kind of airstrikes, compared to the action of Hamas and some other armed groups. According to Khreisheh, every missile fired by Israel show their lack of humanity, irrespective of whether they hit or missed their target.

Removing Israeli civilians from target

While launching an appeal to the ICC, Khreisheh states that Palestinian factions will have to commit this in writing that they will surely refrain from targeting any civilians of Israel. This is something that none of them are willing or likely to do. In sharp contrast, he pointed out that Israeli army warned people and asked them to evacuate their homes, in order to avoid hurting or killing them in any way. Thus, in such a case, if someone has been killed then the cause isn’t intentional and the international law would rather consider it a mistake. The Israelis have followed legal procedures before the bombardment. But, Khreisheh did not bring into his declaration about the numerous human rights that have been violated. One such human rights violation was the use of human shield. The world is waiting to see what the international law is going to decide on the behalf of the two countries.