Anytime, anywhere, there comes a crime.

Here are some of the latest and breaking legal issues in US:

  1. White House accused the trespasser to show in court

With the recent news about an accused intruder in one of the most protected buildings in the world—the White House, he is now expected to appear in court on Monday for his first scheduled court proceeding. The 42-year-old accused man in the name of Omar J. Gonzales from Copperas Cove, Texas is facing legal charges for unlawfully intruding a restricted ground or building whilst carrying a dangerous or deadly weapon.

  1. Hawaii, Nevada, Idaho gay marriage laws are in court

Since the California declared the unconstitutional banning of gay marriage, the San Francisco court is ready to listen and hear arguments on Monday about the issue of same-sex marriage banning in Hawaii, Nevada and Idaho in a more legal and political climate unlike how the issue was reversed Proposition 8 way back in 2012.

  1. A 1991 murder case by a mother to his own son is scheduled in court.

A 46 year old woman, Michelle Lodzinski from Florida is expected to have her initial appearance in the courtroom of New Jersey on Tuesday afternoon in accordance to the legal case of killing her own five year old son Timothy Wiltsey way back in 1991. Lodzinski was arrested last August 7 and since then was jailed in a New Jersey jail with a bail of $2 million. Lodzinski’s legal attorney says her client adamantly denies the charge and that her son vanished in a carnival. But as the investigators did their complete investigation about the matter, they said that Lodzinski kept changing her story. In addition to this, a county respected jury released an indictment declaring “she really did knowingly or purposely killed” or “knowingly or purposely inflict serious body injuries” to her own son, resulting to his death.