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Aggravated DWI charge

What is Aggravated DWI?

Aggravated DWI (driving while intoxicated) may be a charge that some people are unfamiliar with. This is because in New York the laws were updated in 2006 to greatly increase the penalties for all drivers convicted of a DWI. To be charged with an aggravated DWI, the driver must have a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of at least 0.18%. If convicted of an aggravated DWI charge, the fines could be well over $1,000, and the driver’s license will be taken away for at least one year.

It is very important you have a competent attorney who knows the law and has a history of winning cases for clients who have faced aggravated DWI charges. An experienced attorney can determine if a trial is warranted or if it would be wiser to take a plea deal to lesser offense and prevent jail time.

Clients charged with Aggravated Drunk Driving

Your blood alcohol level determines what type of DWI you will be charged with. Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) will be charged when your BAC is between 0.05-0.07%. DWI is charged if your BAC is above 0.08% . A BAC equal to or exceeding 0.18% will be charged as an Aggravated DWI. If you are charged with an aggravated DWI it is critical that you hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney that will defend your rights and expend all the resources available to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Possible options and unfavorable outcomes

If charged with an aggravated DWI , jail time is a real possibility. Additionally, the period for which you lose your license is extended and fines are elevated beyond the already high fines you face with a non-aggravated DWI. If you are convicted, this can put a huge blemish on job applications for the rest of your life. An aggravated DWI looks much worse on your record than a standard DWI or DWAI.

Contacting a Criminal Defense Attorney in New York

Getting a lawyer as soon as you are charged with aggravated DWI is crucial. You cannot afford to wait or give the courts and prosecution an opportunity to catch you off-guard, possibly cornering you into admitting something that will later be used against you. If you are looking to save money on attorney fees, don’t do it. Your hiring of an inexperienced law firm for the cheapest price may just end up costing you more when it’s all said and done. Call The Law Offices of Dominic Saraceno for the experienced law firm that will fight to protect your rights!

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